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Marcus was very easy to talk to and very helpful, having the bike delivered and setup was great and made my life a lot easier.

D Penrose

Aftersurfing the net and reading all the reviews the Freego brand kept coming out on top of many “best sellers” and “best buys”,Freego have several bikes in their
range to suit everyone’s need and budget. I found one such supplier , and gave them a call, the chap I spoke to , Marcus, could not have been more helpful. From giving me a good price to loaning me a e-bike to delivering to my doorstep….and even a follow up service two months after delivery. I run a business myself and admire good salesmanship , coupled with great backup service and advice, Marcus is defiantly on too a winner.

J Simpson

With e-bikes becoming ever more popular and age and creaking knees catching up with me I decided to look at the possibility of jumping on the band wagon ( or e- bike ) !!! I am the wrong side of 40 ( 51 ) and have played cricket, hockey , morning running in fact consider myself an active sportsman all my life. Being also a keen cyclist with mountain bike , road bike and hybrid felt an e-bike might be “cheating” ? Let me assure all those out there considering the purchase, I have been using my Freego Eagle far more than I would have and still keeps me fit !!!

N Baldwin

When were first tried the Freego electric bike we were both very sceptical I mean they are for old people and you wont get any exercise? Well a weekend loan from UK Electric Bike convinced us otherwise. Day one we cycled 22 miles up hill and down dale. The following day we did a further 26 miles cycling to a village which had an open garden day.  Neither of us have cylcled that far in years!  The electric bikes were great in ironing out the hills and allowing you to travel further with ease, limited to 15MPH with electric assist we found it easy to achieve greater speed on the flat by pedaling normally and turning off the electric motor. and going up those steep hill became much easier with a little extra boost.  We have ordered two!"

R Jones

We had no idea of where to cycle from the UK electric bike centre. They provided maps and helped with not only beautiful routes but phoned ahead various pubs where we could recharge the batteries although we didnt need to. Helpful service and highly recommended.

H Bettinson

We had a great day ride from the the base near Staplehurst, covering 50 miles in a big loop via Goudhurst.  There are loads of quiet lanes, interesting villages and lovely scenery. The trick is to find a friendly pub who will recharge the batteries over a leisurely lunch!  The bikes were excellent, suiting 3 people of very different size and experience!  Marcus could not have been more helpful.  I really would recommend you give electric bikes a try.

N Fawthrop

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